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Programs for all ages and fitness Levels

  • Programs for the over 40's, baby boomers and seniors.
  • Train alone, with a friend or in a small group.
  • Weight loss
  • Strength training
  • Cardio training
  • Muscle toning
  • Fall prevention
  • Strength & balance for seniors

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No Contracts or Joining Fees

  • Pay as you go
  • All exercise equipment is provided.

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We can help you lose weight, get stronger and fitter.

  • All our personal training sessions are individually designed to meet the needs and fitness goals of every person.
  • Each Personal Training sessions run for 1 hour.

About Us

Some benefits of our Weight Loss and Exercise Programs

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  • Cardiovascular and functional strength training programs to suit all ages.
  • Learn how to eat healthy and set weight loss goals.
  • Change your body composition, so that you increase muscle and lose fat.
  • We can help you lose weight, reduce body fat and Increasing muscle tone.
  • Increases your self confidence, motivation and energy levels. 
  • Improves your cardiovascular system.
  • Increases your muscle strength.
  • Reverses the muscle wasting effect of aging and illness.
  • May Increase or maintain bone density.
  • May reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.
  • May Increase self confidence and enhance wellbeing.
  • Reverses the muscle wasting effect of aging and illness.

Theo's Qualifications

Personal Trainer

  • Hi I'm Theo the owner and personal trainer at Livelife Personal Training, I have been helping clients on the North Shore lose weight, get fit and stronger since 2009.
  • Registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia.
  • Certified Personal Trainer including childrens & older adults trainer. 
  • Australian Institute of Fitness - Master Trainer.
  • Certificate 3 in Fitness Instructing.
  • Certificate 4 in Personal Training.
  • Senior CPR and First Aid Certificate - Reviva
  • Australian Fitness Network member
  • Punchfit - Certified boxing trainer.
  • Bootcamp Alliance - Official partner & Certified instructor.
  • NSW Health - Healthy Lifestyle older adults fitness instructor.
  • Australian Sports Commission - Community Coach.
  • We travel to Willoughby, Artarmon, Chatswood, Lindfield, Gordon, Hunters Hill & The North Shore.


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Heike Fabig - Gordon NSW

I have trained with Theo since 2010. I was a reluctant overweight and overwhelmed mother of three, unsure how to lose baby fat and get fit. Not only did Theo get me training regularly, he even managed to seemingly impossible and got me running. My greatest pride is that i have finished a marathon - and Theo hasn't :)

What I like most about Theo is that once upon a time, he too was overweight. He knows first hand how hard it can be. Theo is tough and realistic. He doesn't promise quick fixes but lays out a path that, if you stick with it and him, will get you to your goal.I have recommended Theo to many of my friends. I swear by him - which is why, 8 years later, I still train with Theo every week.

Ian Foster - Willoughby NSW

I’ve had the advantage of having Theo as a trainer for almost 5 years.  I’m in my 60’s  When I first went to Theo I could barely do a push-up, within a few weeks I could do 20.  In addition my overall fitness and core strength have improved greatly.  Theo tailors his exercise program to your age and level of fitness.  Last year I had a double knee replacement and know my recovery was much quicker because of the exercises I did with Theo before and after the operation. A number of my friends have also had Theo as a trainer and I am sure they would all agree as they still have him as a trainer!

Bronwyn Foxall - Willoughby NSW

I have had Theo's help for several years and this is the only time I have enjoyed an exercise class so I highly recommend him. He has a great sense of humour but is highly organised and keeps everyone on task, albeit gently. He is great at structuring lessons to fit ability levels too.

Pamela McGaw - Mosman NSW

For the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of working with Theo to maintain my physical fitness.

He is extremely knowledgeable on how the physical body works and tailors the exercises to meet the individuals needs. 

He is always most creative, and makes exercising fun as well as beneficial.

He has a very pleasing manner and is charming and accepting of everyone. He can achieve results even with the most reluctant of clients to engage in exercise. He gently pushes each one to achieve the best for their bodies, without making it seem like bootcamp.

I feel very lucky to have found him at this time in my life. I have always taken my physical fitness for granted, but one needs to be more disciplined as we get older to keep us safe from falling and other injuries that can occur at this time.

Suzanne Gerozisis - Lane Cove NSW

I have attended Strength and Balance classes run by Northern Sydney Health District for the past five years. My trainer was Theo Zydenbos and I have only the highest praise for Theo's skill and professionalism during this time. In addition Theo encouraged a real camaraderie between all class participants. Theo will be greatly missed when our classes resume next year

Susan Cumbo - Lane Cove NSW

Theo has been the leader of our exercise group for the last 7 years. In that time, with his enthusiastic and humorous approach, he has encouraged us to extend ourselves.Our fitness has improved immensely and given us the confidence to tackle long distance walks and other challenges. Thanks so much

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Ella Wallin - Lane Cove NSW

I have been a dedicated, active participant in Theo's classes for over 5 years. During this time I have benefited in many ways, most importantly by improving my physical strength, balance, muscle development and general fitness. Theo provides a positive, encouraging, motivational experience and makes it fun too. Always a pleasure to be in his class.

Eddie O'Farrell - Lave Cove NSW

I have been working out with Theo for almost two years now
and have found Theo to be a thoroughly Professional and Proactive
Personal Trainer.The workouts have always been full of variety and intensity
And are always on the 'Mark'
The level of workout and variety,coupled with a light hearted teaching style have produced signifcant changes and improvements in my health and fitness.Thank you Theo

Janine Stevenson - Northbridge NSW

Theo has been my trainer now for over 3 years. I began strength training primarily to improve fitness and bone strength. Over that time my bone density has gone from the osteoporotic range into the normal range. Apart from physical benefits Theo makes the whole process fun and enjoyable. I always leave the training session happy.

Melissa Basu - Ryde NSW

I have been training with Theo since 2012 following major surgery. I have regrettably have had to have further surgery since then and Theo has been a total saviour helping me to maximise recovery each time. Theo is a great motivator. He is patient and has been able to modify exercise to suit my needs whilst giving me the encouragement to keep working to get to the next level. His classes are fun and enjoyable and his upbeat manner is a constant motivator. The results that I have experienced time after time from Theo's instruction have given me total confidence in using strength training to gain the required benefits. Theo is very adaptable and tailors exercise to suit the needs of his client and would unreservedly recommend Theo as a trainer.

Ian Heads OAM - Wollstonecraft NSW

I have been a member of fitness group under the regular (weekly) guidance of Theo Zydenbos for six years now -- a period in the early stages of which I was crash-tackled by a substantial health problem requiring major surgery and a longish recuperation. Indisputably Theo’s direction played its part in my emergence from that shadow into the upward swing in health that is the reality of my life now. Throughout these recent years Theo has been the guiding hand for all in our `team’ - a caring and expert `teacher’ in the technical aspects of exercise and fitness, and a knowledgeable educator in the wider challenge: to find the balancing factor of building a solid physical foundation within the hectic pace of modern society.. The phrase is never mentioned….but I suspect that for all of us in Theo’s Tuesday class his influence has been life changing. I recommend him without hesitation.

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Jan Lovell - Cremorne NSW

I have been training in a life style class with Theo for 7 years. I began 6 months after having a stroke. Working with Theo got me back to full strength which has been maintained through regular exercise in the class. Our class  comprises people over 60 years of age and Theo is always respectful of this; and aware of any issues people might have.
Theo has a unique capacity for introducing  fun into our sessions which makes weightlifting enjoyable. He also spends time downloading 60's music which we sing a long to while we exert ourselves. .

Thank you Theo for all you have my hearty recommendation.

Christine Racine - Lane Cove NSW

Theo has been my exercise instructor for the past 7 years.  He is friendly and cheerful and a first class instructor   In short he is great. I have no hesitation in recommending Theo as a personal trainer.

Lilian Carey - Lane Cove NSW

Theo has been my Healthy Lifestyle instructor for over a year. He has been an inspiration during this time. I have enjoyed his music and his gregarious manner. He has made everyone feel welcome.

Diana Jura - Chatswood NSW

I have really enjoyed Theo's Strength Training classes for the last seven years. The pace has been excellent and I have definitely felt the health and fitness benefits provided by his carefully thought out exercise routines and circuits.

I highly recommend Theo as a personal trainer.

Rob Gray - Hunters Hill NSW

As a senior I became aware that muscle and general fitness was diminishing with passing years. Theo over the last six years has been amazing with his training and attention to personal requirements. I have retained and increased muscle capacity leading to better strength and general wellbeing. His routines are not boring and the variety ensures the whole body benefits. He is an excellent fitness communicator who explains the basis of each routine. His qualifications are exemplary. Anyone, any age can ,as his business is called, LIVELIFE to the fullest.

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We can help you with your weight loss or fitness goals.

  • Based in Willoughby and we service the North Shore Sydney area.
  • We come to you at home, work or your local park.
  • There are no contracts or joining fees.
  • Just pay as you go.
  • We accept cash, credit card or direct debit.
  • All training equipment is provided.

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